Quality Assurance

For Quality Control, we have branded instruments like Mitutoyo micrometers having range from 0 to 1500 mm. Bore gages having range from 30 to 450 mm. vernier caliper up to 2 feet. Dial vernier, coat measuring instruments, magnifying glass, Slip gages and various tool room instruments to maintain required accuracy. Thickness measuring instruments for electroplated jobs. Surface roughness measuring instrument for evaluating Ra value of superfinished job.

List of QC Instruments

  • MITUTOYO Micrometer having range 0-2000 mm
  • MITUTOYO Bore gages having range 30-1000 mm
  • Vernier caliper upto 2000 MM
  • Coat Measurment (Hard Chrome Thickness Tester)
  • Magnifying Glass with scale
  • Mititoyo surface roughnes Tester
  • Base metal Dynamic Hardness Tester.
* All instruments are been calibrated periodically.