Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

Industrial hard chrome plating protects all your mechanical parts from frictional wear, whether new or refurbished parts.

Old and proven process, hard chrome disposes of an unmatched “couple fractioning-hardness, the guarantee of an excellent wear resistance by friction, adhesion and abrasion.

Its price- quality ratio is excellent.
Our line is composed of 12 chrome plating vertical tanks. It is fully automated and therefore capable of controlling and recording all the key parameters of the surface treatment of parts, guarantee of quality and reliability.

We have the capacity of Hard chrome plating up to Dia 2000 x 10000, 25 tons.

Features & Benefits of Hard Chrome Plating :

  • Increased hardness of 1000 - 1100 Hv equivalent to HRC 65-70
  • Excellent sliding wear resistance
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Excellent release properties
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • High heat mitigation
  • Superior bond strength to base metal
  • Appreciable aesthetic appearance
  • High chemical and thermal resistance

Other than its functional advantages of wear, temperature, and corrosion resistance, hard chrome plating provides many advantages when used by manufacturers looking for a coating solution on large scale production jobs. With the right setup, applying a hard chrome coating is quick, easy, and efficient, making turn times faster. Our investment in engineering proprietary precision plating processes allows us to offer a lower cost solution to our customers and cover those hard-to-plate areas.

Hard chrome is widely used in many applications spanning across every industry such as aerospace chrome plating and chrome plating for agriculture equipment parts. Some common applications include hydraulics, valves, crankshafts, piston rods, rolls, actuator housings, injection molds, dies, rod cylinders and rollers.

BARI METAL is one of the few facilities in the country that can handle a wide range of roll sizes and perform all the specification-critical requirements for refinishing all under one roof.

At BARI METAL, we bring the latest in technology and our record of performance over forty years of experience assuring that there will be no underlying flaws in the plating to cause problems once the roll is placed back into service. Keep in mind that every roll that leaves our hands carries with it the reputation of our people. And once the roll is installed it carries yours as well. That’s why so many companies trust their rolls to us.