Cylindrical Grinding

Cylindrical Grinding

The range of available imported machineries makes us able to carry out cylindrical grinding of a very wide variety of workpieces. We perform grinding on external diameters of mechanical parts of all sizes, up to a maximum diameter of Ø1500mm and a maximum length of 10000mm.

We are equipped to grind true radial crown, convex or concave cambering precisely to the new or used rolls.

Our grinding operations guarantee dimensional precision in the micron range and surface roughness parameters that enable us to give complete supply according to customers’ specifications and without any dimensional limits

Working To Meet Your Needs, Our goal is to deliver a roll that can be put back on your line and resume operations with no variation in runout, no feedlines, no chatter, and no hard spots. We can also grind the roll in its bearings to eliminate any variability due to installation.

Thanks to a continuous and constant improvement of the abrasives used, we are able to grind coated and uncoated surfaces, such as :

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Carbide coated
  • Chromium plated
  • Ceramic coated
  • Rubber covered